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"This wonderful collection confirms that Gregg Miner is not just a tireless scholar of the stringed instruments he loves; he's also a composer par excellence for and superb player of them! A musical soul, he has." Stephen Bennett

"The Frank Zappa of the Harp Guitar!" Don Alder, 2007 International Fingerstyle Champion

"An aural delight. I loved working on this album!" Mike Monseur, mastering engineer @ Bias Studios

"I have listened to these pieces over and over and over again as this CD came together and, still, I love every one. These tunes tell stories you will want to hear again and again." Co-producer Frank Doucette, from the book introduction

"Love your selection of tunes and instruments. Your playing and production are a 10! Beautiful! Congratulations you should be exceptionally proud of this CD." Larry Elfenbein

"What I deeply appreciate about the Norwegian Wood CD is both the beauty of your compositions and voicing of the instruments, and also just the fact that you have gone to the effort over the years to create these legacy compilations (like your Christmas Collection CDs) which the rest of us can purchase and pass on to our children and grandchildren so they can appreciate these amazing instruments and music which we have spent much of our own lives enjoying.  The uncountable hours you spend on this "hobby" of yours really do result in blessing vast numbers of people, both directly and indirectly." Steve Bissell

"Listened to your new masterpiece, Norwegian Wood! I thought your "Dogs" CD was special but this one surpasses with inventiveness and interesting mixes of the expected and the surprises you implant for our enjoyment. " Robert Carl Hartman

"Your compositions and cover arrangements never cease to amaze me." Steve Silva

"Brilliant work Gregg! Only you could put something like this together let alone conceive of it. It's in constant rotation at home." Mark Farley

"A hyper musical record dwelling on good tunes and joyful playing rather than nerdy 'because I have this exotic instrument and can play it even if it sounds weird and out of place' tracks. Apart from an extremely enjoyable collection of wonderful music, I must admit that the the chief dish to me is the recording quality itself. It is for the most part kept very nicely dry and succinct adding to a very intimate feel that is really quite becoming. Sounds absolutely amazing, in fact…I could swear I was sitting right there. –  Thomas Nielsen

Gregg Miner
Norwegian Wood
New Music for the Antique Instruments of Chris Knutsen

Full color, fully-illustrated book on the instruments and tunes available for download coming soon!

For now, please enjoy my liner notes in The Making of Norwegian Wood

Track Listings

1. Midwest Memories
2. Little Martha
3. Mood For a Day (Howe)
4. Sea of Life (trad.Chinese)
5. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant (Ravel)
6. Ode to a Heloderm
7. Humming Song
8. Perplexual Movement No. 1
9. Sad Pig Dance (Evans)
10. The Friends I Finally Met
11. The Magic Pony
12. Women of Ireland (O’Riada)
13. Miner Lullaby in a Major Key
14. Fossils
15. Return to Deserted Island
16. Glad Dave’s Rag
17. Perplexual Movement No. 2
18. Os Amores Libres (trad. Galician)
19. The Black Rock (trad Scottish)
20. Shenandoah (trad.)
21. Harvest Home / We Gather Together (hymns)
22. Peaceful Piece
23. Perro
24. What the Soul Wants
25. Norwegian Wood (Lennon & McCartney)

About the Artist

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14 years in the making

25 tracks (originals and covers)

27 unique instruments

75 minutes of contemporary instrumental music

Produced by Gregg Miner
& Frank Doucette

More raves:

"Wonderful stuff and great playing! Not only is it performed on a variety of instruments that have been given a second chance at making music, your musical ideas and playing have great variety and you also got a chance to make a comeback as a player/composer/arranger as well. You should be very proud of this recording."   John Doan

From my brother, who had some specific observations:  "I don't even know how to describe it. I'd have to invent a word that doesn't yet exist! The Chinese song was really emotional. I love the 'slide to infinity' in 'The Magic Pony'. I can only imagine there are notes higher than I can even hear. The 'Friends' song is great and has every trick in the book. I couldn't help smiling during 'Fossils' when all the instruments come back in together after the pause. 'Peaceful Piece' is one of my favorites with the concurrent harmony instrument parts, and at the end when you think the song is over, and there is a run up to a high high G...who would expect that? 'Norwegian Wood' was a great ending with all of the instruments, and I especially loved the short part where individual notes went back and forth between the left and right channels, bing, bing, bing, bing. Last, I liked those recording endings when the last note naturally died out without manual fading. He's my brother!" Mark Miner  

"It’s a really great CD." Tony Barnard

"I had no idea what an accomplished player Gregg is. He has some musical moments that sound like organized chaos but it all works. His originals are great and his covers of contemporary and traditional tunes are very well thought out and executed. There is also wonderful slide playing all over this disc. I could go on and on…." Randall Sprinkle

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