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Muriel Anderson: A Guitarscape Planet

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A Guitarscape Planet blends the magic of a virtuoso concert performance by premiere guitarist Muriel Anderson with stunning scenes of natural beauty filmed planet wide.  Features 25 original instrumental compositions by Muriel, including 5 on harp guitar. Live concert footage is intermixed (about 50/50) with scenes of nature.  All captured in state-of-the-art High Definition and mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Muriel is accompanied by seven time Grammy winning drummer, Paul Wertico of Pat Metheny fame, Les Paul Trio bassist Nicki Parrott and renowned cellist, Julie Adams.  Standard DVD edition.  More >>>

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Stephen Bennett: Stephen Bennett Live

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Itís a rare artist who is capable of recording 29 tunes in a single day, but with the tenacity, perfectionism, and phenomenal musicality known to his fans worldwide, that is exactly what Stephen did in creating this DVD. I n fact, most of these tracks were completed to perfection in one take.  Add the notion of performing on three distinctly different instruments- a Morris 6-string acoustic, a 1930 National Steel, and a modern Merrill Brothers copy of a vintage Dyer harp guitar - and you have not only a Herculean musical feat, but a unique listening and viewing experience.  Stephenís live Mel Bay DVD performance is one youíll watch again and again.  Includes an additional interview segment that allows a captivating glimpse into Stephenís creative process.   More >>>
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Stephen Bennett: Harp Guitar Artistry

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In what is neither an instructional nor a concert-style format, acoustic guitar master and acknowledged harp guitar pioneer Stephen Bennett plays 10 captivating harp guitar solos, demonstrating the capabilities of this rarely heard instrument in a relaxed recording studio setting. With one exception, the traditional fiddle tune Westphalia Waltz, Stephen composed all of the music heard here. Stephen introduces each tune with insightful remarks about harp guitar history, the tunings he developed for the additional six bass strings, and the events or circumstances that inspired his compositions.   More >>>

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