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Bardou (James Kline & Mariusz Radwanski)
A Feather Upon the Shore

Track Listings

1. Enchanted Meeting (Kline)
2. A Feather Upon the Shore (Kline & Radwanski)
3. Signs For You (Radwanski)
4. Lokiboo's Labyrinth (Kline)
5. The Alchemist's Dance (Kline)
6. The Fisherman's Farewell (Kline)
7. Tomorrow's Promise (Radwanski)
8. Cancion y Danza (Pipo)
9. Home Before the Gale (Kline)
10. Sheebeg Sheemore (trad.)
11. Wanderer's Way (Kline)
12. Marv Pontkallek (trad.)

Guest Musicians: Ariane de Bievre (flutes, percussion), Sam Geustmans (electric and stand-up bass), Nicolas Boseret (uilleann pipe, 16-inch pipe), Sebastien Walnier (cello), Christophe Delporte (accordian), Ariane Plumerel (violin), Maia Frankowski (vocals)

Bardou's second album (2005) introduces vocals by both leaders, along with James' 19-string arch-guitar with super-treble strings...in fact, two of them! (one nylon, one steel - both built by Alan Perlman) With partner Mariusz Radwanski (nyckelharpa, vocals) and seven guest musicians, these mostly-original compositions and arrangements are even more magical.

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