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James Kline
Music of the Lost Cathedral

Track Listings

SANTIAGO DE MURCIA (c.1683-?): Danzas and Bailes          
1. Fandango
2. Tarantelas
3. Faustemberg
4. Payssanos
5. Cumbees
6. La Jotta
7. Canarios
8. Folias Gallegas
9. Allegro
10. Grave
11. Allegro

MANUEL M. PONCE (1886-1948)
12. Scherzino Mexicano     

13. Cielito Lindo               Trad., arr. JK
14. La Adelita                   Trad., arr. JK

RUIZ DE RIBAYAS (17th Century)
15. Matachin 1                 
16. Matachin 2

Three Tarahumara Indian Dances   Trad., arr. JK
17. Two Matachines
18. Pascol
19. Tarahumara's Violin      Trad.

J. S. BACH (1685-1750)
20. Air                             

From James' web site:
"This audio adventure takes you through some of Mexico 's rich but little known early musical heritage.  The project was inspired by my performances at the Mission Satevo, a beautiful and mysterious 18th Century church at the bottom of Mexico 's Copper Canyon , where I have given concerts during my employ as a trail guide for Copper Canyon Lodges.  My recording evokes the magic of the back-country setting and the wonderful acoustics of the old church as well as the rich musical heritage of the area.  Mexico 's spectacular Copper Canyon is actually a system of canyons which join together to create the largest and deepest canyon in North America .  At the bottom of the Batopilas Canyon , a few miles downstream from the pueblo of Batopilas, the mysterious mission watches over the tiny hamlet of Satevo.  In recent years, author and explorer Richard Fisher has dubbed the mission "The Lost Cathedral" due to the elusiveness of historical records and the surprising grandeur of the structure.  The historical records, according to the locals, were destroyed in a fire.  Although some writers have dated the mission from the 17th century, more likely it was built sometime after 1740, judging by the architectural style and also due to the fact that the structure is not mentioned in earlier Jesuit records.  Probably built by the Jesuits or possibly even later by the Franciscans, today the mission serves the local community and is the site of several yearly Tarahumara Indian festivals.  I have included 2 Tamahumara dances that may have origins in 17th century Europe, making their way to the New World perhaps through Spanish contact.  Traditionally on New Years, the "matachin" is danced all night to help balance Nature, and to bring rain for the crops and animals they depend on.  Different melodies are dedicated to different animals, as they believe every animal and tree possesses its own music within.  Also included is a segment of music played by my friend Patrocinio Lopez, performing his native melodies on a surprisingly elegant violin which he crafted by hand from the juniper and pine trees that grow near his summer residence in the mountains. My recording engineer, Jarek Frankowski, has "polished" the original recording which I made on a small mini-discman recorder in the Satevo mission."  

11-string archguitar by Gary Southwell

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