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James Kline
Troubadour's Odyssey

Track Listings

1. Journey to Ireland                
2. The Last Pint

PHILIP ROSHEGER: Dreamscapes                              
3. Serenade
4. The Ski Waltz
5. La Mexicana
6. A Lullaby To Wake Up With
7. Fog
8. In Dreams Awake
9. Sweet Compassion

10. The Koln Concert - Part IIC

11. Morning Coffee                     
The Troubadour's Odyssey
12: Prelude
13. Carolan's Welcome
14. Dream Song
15. Sunrise Jig
Redwood Variations
16. Theme
17. Summer
18: Autumn
19: Winter
20: Spring

ALAIN EVERTS: Celtic Suite                               
21. Theme
22. Variation I
23. Variation II
24. Variation III
25. Variation IV

26. Si Bheag, Si Mhor                 

From James' web site:
"In the 11th century a new breed of musician and poet was born. The troubadour traveled far and wide gathering musical influences from the known world and blending them to create his own unique style; composing, improvising, and performing for kings and paupers alike.  Is the troubadour still alive today?  It is my intention to prove that he is.  This recording includes some of my own compositions as well as my arrangements of music by Keith Jarrett, Philip Rosheger, Alain Everts, and Pierre Bensusan, all living troubadours who draw from Celtic, jazz, folk, and classical traditions to create an innovative and universal sound......the ideal musical journey to relax and dream with.  While focusing on the solo capacity of the 11-string arch guitar, I am joined on some pieces by other instruments such as the baroque flute and traditional percussion instruments."

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