Moran & Morgan
On Their Best Behavior

Track Listings

1. Basket Case
2. New Delphi Jig
3. Java
4. Slipping Away
5. Bealimont Rag
6. Hear, There, and Everywhere
7. Dixie Cannonball
8. Time After Time
9. Spanish Flea / Tijuana Taxi
10. A Little Longer Would Be Nice
11. Blame It On Floyd
12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
13. Whiskey Before Breakfast
14. Again and Again
15. Just as I am
16. Roly Poly
17. What a Wonderful World

"David Moran won the National Hammered Dulcimer Competition at Winfield Kansas when he was only fifteen.  As he points out, "he is much, much older now, and probably wiser, too, but people seem to enjoy his playing anyway."  Joe Morgan has played the guitar since he was a child, and "he still maintains that childlike ability to look at the world with new eyes, see the beauty in all things, and burn stuff with a magnifying glass."  Together they make some of the best music youíll hear anywhere.  On Their Best Behavior is their newest recording and itís a real treat as usual.  They kick it off with a Green Day tune and, before theyíre through, give a nod to Allen Toussaint, Lennon & McCartney, Red Foley and Gene Autry, Cyndi Lauper, the Tijuana Brass, Bob Wills, Louis Armstrong and Cannonball Adderly in addition to their own compositions which more than hold their own.  Guy George on alto and soprano sax and steel drums and Scott Odena on mountain dulcimer and banjo help to round out the general insanity which is a lot more creative than crazy, believe me.  Like most world class clowns, these guys can make you cry just as easily as they can make you laugh: Slipping Away, a moving tribute to the late Dr. Bill McNeill, is a case in point as is Joeís homage to his dog Floyd.  On the upbeat side, you canít help but grin on tunes like Java, Spanish Flea/Tijuana Taxi, and Dixie Cannonball.   These guys make great music together.  Donít miss it." - Neal Walters, Dulcimer Player's News

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