Coming this fall from Gregg Miner

"A Christmas Collection" Volume 3?!!!

YES! ... and it's called...

I'm super excited about it, as I think it may be my best yet
(arguably the most entertaining).

"Can I hear it?"
Yes, when released (c'mon, it's a surprise!)

Seriously, samples and singles won't do this justice. Like my Volumes 1 & 2 set, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, which I've taken pains to present as a cohesive, linear album (remember those?).

13 inimitable Gregg arrangements of classic, beloved holiday pop tunes covering Snow, Santa & Childhood Christmas Traditions - on three dozen instruments, plus special guests. And here they are!

Dave Marchant Patrick D'Arcy MB Gordy Stephan Dudash Trey Henry

Still not convinced?

Check out the full program below


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Additional CDs, any quantity
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$7.50 each


Digital Download Only

A variety of formats from MP3s on up will be available on my Bandcamp page.
I'll also have available my original 96k 24-bit masters for the best possible listening experience.


Physical Digest: "The companion book to the musical album"
Full-color 20-page digest of liner notes

Included free with every pre-order.



In November, the album will drop on all the major platforms.

   Thank you!

Holiday Hijinks:
Replete with resonator and slide instruments (ideal for these '40s & '50s classics) - even swing harp!


Oh, the anticipation!
(Fan comments)

"No, Thank YOU, Gregg! I thoroughly enjoyed your previous Christmas album. It was EXACTLY how I envisioned my Christmas Carol music to be. Words cannot express my listening experience; each track was magical. You have a peerless talent! I await in eager anticipation to repeat that experience in November!" - John D

"Our favorite Christmas music!" - Jim T  

"Awesome Gregg...can't wait to be dancing around the house to your tunes!" - Suzy N

"Your other Christmas set is my all time favorite. Canít wait to get my this one.! - Chuck T

 "Can't wait to hear it!" / "Looking forward to hearing it!" - Ruth Ann, Dave, Ben, Eric

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