Gator Case for Large or Long Harp Guitars

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(ask about special shipping discount on this large item. Please email for quote and include your zip code)

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This is my choice for a medium weight, low-priced, all-purpose, ATA-approved. flight-worthy case for harp guitars that are too big for the CaseXtreme.

Designed to accommodate all manner of 76-note keyboards, this molded poly-ethylene case includes 8 detachable Velcro foam panels that are perfect for surrounding a variety of oversize harp guitars. Above shows the common Gibson Style U perfectly fitted; at right is the breakdown of the panel placement I used.

Dimensions (at right) illustrate what will fit inside - remember, unlike the bare-bones CaseXtreme, this is lined with stiff padding already.  Would I count on that alone to protect a maximum size instrument?  Possibly.  The molded plastic shell is harder than the CaseXtreme, but has a bit more flex (i.e.: don't stand on it).

In weight, it's about halfway between the CaseXtreme and an anvil case.  For true shipping dimensions, I would add 2+" to the exterior as given by the manufacturer and an extra 3/4" to the width (for handles, latches and wheels).

Due to its large size, ask about discounts on shipping to your location.

Manufacturer's Specs:
  • Nearly indestructible polyethylene construction
  • Unique wedge and block design for interior customizing
  • 2 TSA locking latches with impact diversion dishes
  • 200lb weight capacity recessed in-line wheels
  • Two rubber gripped handles with 130lb weight capacity

Interior Dimensions:

  • Interior Length: 51.25''
  • Interior Width: 20.00''
  • Interior Height: 8.00''

Exterior Dimensions

  • Exterior Length: 54.50''
  • Exterior Width: 23.25''
  • Exterior Height: 10.50''
  • Weight: 29 pounds
gator2.jpg (57198 bytes) Rubber gripped handles for rolling or carrying gator4.jpg (63025 bytes) Built-in wheels gator5.jpg (87925 bytes) Case has a minimum 7/8" padding on all sides (not counting foam panels)

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And more than enough room for a Dyer, in or out of Gig Bag.

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