The Mermer ‘Live Edge’ Electric Harp Guitar

“Playable Art" from the mind and hands of luthier Rich Mermer

Unveiled at the 16th Harp Guitar Gathering in October, 2018: Rich Mermer’s latest creation!

Rich, who lives in Florida, has been building for over 34 years and is one of the more creative and versatile harp guitar designers and builders in the field. We have offered several of his instruments in the past, and are honored to offer his latest brainstorm.

The ‘Live Edge’ (named for the bark and burl around the edge of the top plate) is one of Rich’s more artistic endeavors.  He said that it was one of his most fun instruments to build.  He spent a lot of time ‘on paper’ with the design work, resulting in a fully functional and playable harp guitar.  His goal was to keep the aesthetics and flow consistent throughout the instrument.

At first glance one might wonder if it would be uncomfortable holding and playing the instrument. However, the edge on the back plate is soft and rounded as the burl was removed from the plate, so whether you are standing or sitting, the instrument is comfortable to play. 

The ‘Live Edge’ Features:

- Burl maple top and back with ‘live edge’ plates

- Snakewood fingerboard, pickup rings, harp bridge, harp hitch pins

- Sapwood bubinga fingerboard surface on harp arm

- Maple neck and harp arm

- Burl maple highlights specifically placed to extenuate the artistic concept of the instrument

- Gold plated Gotoh ‘510’ tuners

- Fully adjustable gold plated ‘hardtail’ bridge on the main neck

- Custom ‘Alumitone’ pickups wound by Jeff Lace

- Cocobolo control knobs 

The sound and tone?  These custom wound ‘’Alumitone’ pickups by Jeff Lace are clear and focused.  Jeff Lace explains: These are the next generation of pickups. The first totally modern electric guitar pickup of this century. It does not use magnets to create its source field. Huge top and bottom end. Huge passive design. Noise-free design.  

Rich adds "Serious bass that can rattle the windows."

The guitar is wired in stereo, so a 'Y' cable can be used if so desired, to go into a mini-mixer or an A/B box, then to the amp/PA.

Rich imagines this instrument in almost any setting, suggesting:

Music styles: Rock, R & B, Jazz, Country, Fusion

Think: Tosin Abasi, Shawn Lane, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, George Benson, Al Di Meola
Sound: Broadband and inclusive, vintage tone for this century

Whether hanging in an art gallery or your neck at the next big gig, Rich’s vision makes a statement!

 - Gregg "Sir Gregory" Miner

Additional Specs:

  • Length: 42" from live edge on bottom of body to tip of harp peghead

  • Width: 15.5” (includes some overhang of live edge on top plate)

  • Depth: 2.75" (body depth)

  • Nut width: 1.7”

  • Scale (neck): 25.4”

  • Bass scale: 34.25” to 36.75” (gauges are .056-.080)

A Gator keyboard case (68-key) is available for shipping if desired.

Price: $6495
(additional 3-4% fee if paying via CC or Paypal)
Shipping: Request quote

Consignment listing, not on premises

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