2009 Duane Noble Harp Guitar

The the most spectacular Noble yet!  


Duane’s first harp guitar with a tree-of-life fretboard – made of stunning Paua abalone – makes this one a standout!  Its other novel feature is the cedar top – but not just any cedar.  Based on the growth rings, the log was estimated to be at least 500 years old…that’s right – here before the white man cometh.  It has extremely tight grain, which makes it sound very different from normal cedar.  More like – well, Sitka spruce, if it had been played for a solid year straight by Stacy Hobbs.  How do I know?  Because I heard Duane A/B this with Stacy’s Noble at HGG7, and we could hardly tell them apart.  They thought the cedar was actually a teensy bit “brighter” - I heard it as ever so subtly more “round.”  Go figure.  You will undoubtedly love the overall tone, volume and balance in any event.

If you recall, Stacy’s Noble is the “kinda sorta almost Gregg Miner model” sold in July, 2008.  This one is its sister (or brother).  Same gorgeous curly Claro walnut back and sides.  The “GM appointments” (not that I hold a trademark on them) are the radiused fingerboard (10-17" compound), nut width (1-7/8) and arm soundhole size. 

Duane’s custom appointments for this one include koa binding and arm bevel, offset along the sides and back (both!) with a thin red border.  Against the walnut, this is another trademark Noble “chocolately good” feast for the eyes (my term, as “rich and yummy” is the only way I can describe it!).   Ebony fretboard, bridge and headplates help offset the outrageously gorgeous Paua abalone fingerboard inlay.

He includes one of my HGM gig bags (Flight case available here if you are so inclined).

I noted an interesting new perspective when this came in and I examined it in my home.  Namely, that, at the Gathering, as beautiful as it was (and played and sounded), it was a bit lost in the midst of so many instruments and the noise, excitement and distractions of the event.  Then, when cradling in my lap in the comfort and familiarity and quiet of my own home, it became a very different, intimate encounter.  During this close inspection, the fit and finish (a 10, or maybe a “Spinal Tap 11”), the color, the textures, the vibrations – all were dramatically intensified.  In reality, they were always there – I just needed the “alone” time with it.

So do you.  Don’t just trust the photos or the specs.  Take it home and fall in love.  

- Gregg Miner, the "harp guitar pope"





  • Label: Oct. 2009 #18
  • Top: old growth West. Red Cedar top
  • Back & Sides: curly Claro Walnut
  • Ebony headplates, fingerboard & bridge
  • Paua Abalone fingerboard inlay, based on Dyer model 8
  • Radial cut Cocobolo top purfling & rosettes with Paua Abalone
  • Koa binding & armrest bevel
  • Red/black side purfling
  • Red back purfling
  • 5-pc neck of Mahogany, Maple & Rosewood
  • 25.4" scale
  • 1-7/8" nut width
  • Compound FB radius 10"- 17"
  • Gotoh 510 mini 18:1 ratio tuning machines
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • 6 sub-bass strings in Bennett tuning  (G A B C D G)
  • Dimensions: 16" lower bout, 4-1/4" depth @ tail block, 42" total length
  • HGM gig bag (black/black) Can be swapped if desired.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Price: $10,300 SOLD

CDs & DVDs by Stephen Bennett, John Doan, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee, Stacy Hobbs, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, James Kline, Larry Berwald, Bill Dutcher, Gregg Miner, Pasquale Taraffo
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