2008 "As New" Jeff Sigurdson Harp Guitar

A Modern Dyer Style with Old World Craftsmanship

Here is a beautiful, mid-priced harp guitar that doesn’t skimp on quality, details or tone.  It’s also very temptingly priced, as it is "used" (five years old), but absolutely mint.  This is the third instrument I’ve offered by Canadian luthier Jeff Sigurdson.  The first two sold fairly quickly (see here and here), and so I jumped on this consignment listing.  This instrument was built slightly before those above, one of two built for John Hartman.  John an old harp guitar acquaintance of mine was who originally suggested I work with Jeff to build some quality instruments that we could offer through Harp Guitar Music (based on this very instrument).  Though the instrument is not on premises, I can easily vouch for its quality, and predict that the exceptional tone is similar to those I handled in the past.  The owner will send it directly to the customer, and my standard 48-hour approval period applies.  Best of all, the builder has agreed to transfer his professional limited warranty to the new owner.  You cannot lose on this one!

I’ll let John himself share the rest of the details:

“I agree with Gregg that Jeff Sigurdson is one of the harp guitar world's best kept secrets. Jeff has built 2 harp guitars for me. I find I really only need one, so this one needs to find a good home.

“Jeff builds a modern Dyer variant, incorporating a few contemporary changes of his own, both inside and out.  Though Jeff's specialty is Flamenco guitars, he honed his steel string expertise during eight years at Larrivée Guitars, and it shows. Jeff builds in the Spanish style and uses only hide glue for all joins, which he swears makes a huge difference tonally.

“Woods include a beautiful master grade, perfectly quartered Lutz spruce top, hand-chosen by Shane Neifer, that is packed with medullary rays. The musical grade “crispy” mahogany back and sides were also hand selected by Marc Culbertson at Gilmer Wood Co; Marc went through 15,000+ board feet of material over a 6 month period until he found the right set of mahogany that he deemed suitable for this build. The headplates are ebony, with some figuring in the uncarved bass head.

“Binding on both top and back is rosewood, with an additional b/w strip on the top.  The silver "micro dot" fret markers and bridge inlays are a Larrivée trademark, a leftover influence of Jeff's time there. 

“The flat neck dovetail (ala Charles Hoffman) simplifies this time-consuming joint, while more time is spent on the internal bracing (using all hide glue construction) and a beautiful gloss nitro varnish for the body with a satin finish on the neck.  Sub-bass nut posts are custom made of metal.  

“Dieter personally built the K&K under-bridge pickup system, which sounds fantastic and is a perfect choice for amplifying this lovely instrument.

“This is very sweet instrument that offers a great value for the cost. Acoustic tone is clear, lush, woody, sweet as can be, and very piano-like.  Basses are crisp and complex with lush overtones. Balance is perfect across all 6 sub-basses.”

Again, with the other two Sigurdson transactions under my belt, I think you can take John's comments to the bank! - Gregg ("Sir Gregory") Miner







  • Top: MG Lutz Spruce
  • Back & Sides: South American Mahogany
  • Ebony headplates, fingerboard & bridge
  • Rosewood binding on top and back  
  • Silver fretboard markers
  • Mahogany neck
  • Bone Nut and Compensated Saddle
  • Nitro Gloss Finish on body, Nitro satin on neck
  • 25-1/2" scale
  • 1-13/16" nut width
  • Individual Gotoh vintage style neck tuners
  • Gotoh 4:1 sub-bass tuners  
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • 6 sub-bass strings in Bennett tuning (GABCDG) Other strings and tunings available
  • Dimensions: 15-5/8" lower bout, 4-1/2" depth @ tail block, 42" total length
  • Limited lifetime warranty honored by Jeff
  • Green Harp Guitar Music Gig bag included 
  • Price: $4750