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Since January, 2018, an incredible 300 Timberline® harp guitars are now in the hands of enthusiastic new harp guitar players, and have proven to be successful beyond our wildest expectations. Here's the proof, straight from the mouths of their owners. Nearly all of these comments are unsolicited – just the immediate feedback from customers, ranging from “pleased” to “blown away.” – Gregg (“Sir Gregory”) Miner

  • "The Timberline T-20 VASTLY exceeds my expectations in every way. Incredible value and provides me with near limitless opportunities to explore and learn the instrument on a tight budget. The fret dressing is perfect, action and intonation both spot-on, the finish and craftsmanship are simply stellar, and the tone couldn't please me more. Had I found this instrument in a music store, I would have expected to pay $2500 for it and WOULD HAVE, happily. This thing is just such a pleasant surprise on every level. My hat is off to you for pulling off something that even a year ago I would not have thought possible: a $2-3k harp guitar for $1k! Unreal!" - Bob Merle

  • "I've been playing the guitar since I brought it home, and so far, I'm loving it! I feel like the harp strings are balanced well with the rest of the guitar while still having a rich sound." - Andrew Q.

  • "I am very pleased with the construction and playability. Thanks for producing a quality instrument. " - Grant P.

  • "It's perfect. The workmanship is top notch, and its looks even better than the pictures – love the mahogany. The balance between fretted and harp strings is excellent. I’m really looking forward to getting to know this guitar." - Kevin K.

  • "I really love my new harp guitar." - Lucas Brandom

  • "I've had an enormous amount of fun playing the T20HGc for many hours. Setup was good right out of the box. Fretwork is excellent. Binding and inlays are modest but perfectly executed. Stuck a camera in the soundhole to have a look inside, and the work I saw was very clean. Nut is correctly set and nicely cut, and so is the bridge. Thanks very much for making this guitar happen." - Scott Bullerwell

  • "WOW!!! Very impressive instrument!! (T60) Had it in my hands for 1 hour sitting in the Fedex ground parking lot!! It’s a keeper!! Thank you so much for your efforts in the harp guitar world  making them accessible to the common man.... such as myself!!" – Tracy Tyler

  • "Gregg - I have received my new T60 Harp Guitar and love it! I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and our interactions leading up to the purchase. Thanks so much!" - Matt J.  

  • "Right now, I can't put it down. I absolutely adore the sound and vibe of it, and I noodle on it 2-3 hours every night since I bought it. I actually apologized to my wife last night because I told her I felt like I was "neglecting her" for the thing." – James Earp

  • "Hey Gregg - The guitar is beautiful! Can’t stop playing it if I tried!' – Sean L.

  • "Guitar is awesome" – Ricki @ Key Note Guitar

  • "This model (T20HGc) sounds amazing as well." - Scot Ryder

  • "Love the T20HGc!" – Ed C.

  • WOW! Loving my T-30 in so many ways! Thank you for all your help in getting it going and to me in such a short period of time, I was thinking it would take weeks and it was days!" - David K.

  • "The Timberline is all I thought it would be. Love it!" - Don Clark

  • "I cannot put this harp guitar down – it's my new favorite axe. The Timberline T20HGc is an absolute joy to play, and the sound is HUGE – those sub bass strings ring forever. I’ve wanted a harp guitar for 30 years; Timberline and Gregg Miner have made that dream a reality with a quality instrument at an unbelievable price point. Gregg was nothing short of amazing in getting me this beautiful guitar, and even put together custom string sets for my alternate tunings. Thank you for creating the T20HGc and finally allowing me to enter the world of harp guitar. You Rock!" Bobby Stapf
  • "I just received the Timberline T20HG this morning, and it looks wonderful! The hard case is great, too, but man, the guitar is absolutely amazing. I've only just tuned it up for a couple hours so far, and I'm just blown away by the tone quality and how clean the harmonics sound! The resonance is probably the best part, in my opinion. It has that really nice bass-y echo even if I'm not touching the sub-basses. But, boy, when I hit those sub-basses, it really makes it come alive. I've only had it for a couple hours, and I have to say, I'm so impressed with the quality and the sound I'm getting. I can't wait to hone some skill into it and show it off to my music group! Thanks for the time and energy that y'all put into instruments like this one!" - Mark Harris
  • "My T20hgc arrived this monday and I really love it. The sound is amazingly balanced and warm. It sounds like a 3000 dollar or more guitar to me. It also looks stunning and feels comfortable to play. As far as I know the instrument isn't damaged in any way. " - Maxim Teunissin
  • "Dit instrument opent een scala aan helende tonen voor mijn muziekspel! De kracht van dit instrument moet ik nog even goed gaan beseffen!" ("This instrument opens up a whole new  gamut of healing tones for my guitar playing. I haven't come to fully realize how powerful this instrument is.") - Hugo Van der Tuin, Netherlands
  • "Ever since hearing Michael Hedges for the first time, I've been fascinated with harp guitars. Years later, I'm finally able to afford one in the form of a Timberline T20HGc--and a greater deal I couldn't have dreamed up. From day one, this instrument has challenged me to make music in ways that I've only daydreamed about. The satin finish makes for a great brushes effect with the pads of my fingers, and the sheer resonance of the sub-bass strings makes for an enveloping, but defined voice. The standard strings stand out handsomely against the harps, and I'm consistently impressed by the even response of my T20HGc, from treble strings all the way down to that fierce, bottommost E. My other instruments are suffering dust and neglect, camped out in their cases. After a few weeks, I'm tinkering with different pickup systems and Keith tuners, sub-bass harmonics and altered tunings, and the sky has never looked bigger." - Logan Wells, Dream Guitars
  • "Dear Gregg, I got my T20!! I was very surprised. Despite the most economic model, the look is so beautiful, with silky tone. Thank you for producing the greatest harp guitar." - Yuki Naraoka
  • "It plays beautifully with nice deep resonating tone on the bass and crisp along the frets. I am one very happy man right now. Really love the finish on it too, the almost satin-esque (T20) look stands out among my other much glossier guitars and suits the wood perfectly." - Mark M.


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