Tonedevil S-12 harp guitar
Brand new, cherry-picked instrument!


Tone and Dave Powell have been building guitars, mandolins and harp guitars for many years now, and continue to make improvements on their harp guitars.  Their new Idaho factory has updated equipment and lots of space for more of an assembly line flow to help keep costs down.  Their S-12 harp guitar ― their base model ― is thus one of the most affordable harp guitars currently made in America.

Inspired greatly by Chris Knutsenís hundred-year-old harp guitars, the Powell brothers have created a repeatable product with sufficiently attractive aesthetics that fills a nice niche between entry-level and more expensive handmade harp guitars.

To this end, appointments are kept simple, the satin finish is held to a reasonable minimum with visible open grains on the back and sides, while hardware, set-up and tone are all excellent. Theyíve recently started to add top and back solid wood binding, which this one has.  Itís nicely balanced and powerful acoustically (slightly more fundamentals than partials), with a passive Tonedevil 3-contact piezo pickup system to crank it up live.  Note that it has 14 frets to the body, as compared to the Dyerís 12!  As you may have heard, I insist on stocking the best-sounding (and looking) instruments the brothers can supply.

The top is a nice blonde (the photos don't do it justice), being Englemann spruce instead of the darker Sitka like the previous one I had here:

I've always preferred Sitka myself, but the Englemann seems to provide a more lovely tone on this particular instrument.

And hereís the harp guitar master Dave Powell himself putting one of these instruments through its paces:

St. Anne's Reel 

A loose-fitting soft keyboard case is included.  

Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Some recent testimonials Iíve received:

"Thanks for the extreme care in packaging.  (The Tonedevil) arrived in great condition.  Best $600 "upgrade" that I've ever made.  Prior instrument I tried did not have any where near the tone quality the Tonedevil has.  Nor to the non-professional eye, the quality workmanship.  Thanks for a world class transaction and an excellent instrument.  Please pass on my appreciation to the Powell brothers for making a quality value for a first timer entering what I hope will be many years of enjoyment. ― Jerry Brown, June, 2014

"It's a wonderful sounding instrument.  I'm extremely pleased with its sustain, tone & playability." ― Bruce Labadie

A growing list of players have been trying out this worthy alternative to the ubiquitous Dyer copies out there.  Perhaps you should, too!

-Gregg "Sir Gregory" Miner


  • Englemann Spruce Top

  • Solid African Mahogany Back, Sides and Neck

  • Rosewood Fingerboard

  • Rosewood Bridge and Head Veneers

  • Dot side markers

  • Walnut solid wood binding

  • Satin lacquer finish

  • Gotoh 16:1 Tuners

  • Bone Saddles and Nut

  • Satin Lacquer Finish

  • Soft Case Gig Bag

  • Passive 3-Contact Pickup System

Price: $2450 SOLD

Consignment listing, on premises

CDs & DVDs by Stephen Bennett, John Doan, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee, Stacy Hobbs, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, James Kline, Larry Berwald, Bill Dutcher, Gregg Miner, Pasquale Taraffo
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