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Andy Wahlberg
Sun Moon Star Sky

Track Listings

1. Blue Moon
2. Swinging On a Star
3. Stardust
4. Skylark
5. East of the Sun
6. Paper Moon
7. How High Is the Sky
8. Stars Fell On Alabama
9. Ole Buttermilk Sky
10. Fly Me To the Moon
11. Moonglow
12. Got the Sun In the Morning
13. Stella By Starlight
14. Blue Skies
15. When Sunny Gets Blue
16. Sunny Side of the Street

Harp Guitar Music is thrilled to present singer and harp guitarist extraordinaire Andy Wahlberg’s latest CD!

For this special project, Andy chose 16 marvelous standards with the common “celestial” theme of the titles to create his most entertaining album yet! 

His charming baritone is accompanied throughout by dazzling jazz harp guitar, with the occasional harmonica, whistle, and of course his inimitable “lip trumpet.” 

We guarantee that you will not be able to refrain from tapping your feet, and humming these tunes long after the music has stopped.  Destined to become a classic!

Instrumentation is solo harp guitar; one instrumental, 15 vocals (13 sung "straight").

Co-produced by Andy and Harp Guitar Music founder Gregg Miner.

"'Sun Moon Star Sky' represents a bit of a departure for Florida-reared, harp-guitarist wizard Andy Wahlberg. This 16-song collection revolves around pop standards from the 1920s, '30s, '40s and '50s whose titles contain some mention of the words in his CD's title. Hence, "Blue Moon, " "Swinging on a Star," "Sunny Side of the Street," "Blue Skies" -- you get the idea. It's surprising how many such songs exist, which makes this effort at the very least a thematic success. Wahlberg ably revisits the familiar -- Irving Berlin's "Got the Sun in the Morning" from "Annie Get Your Gun" is pure fun -- as well as the somewhat less traveled, such as Hoagy Carmichael's campy "Ole Buttermilk Sky" and a thoughtful reading of Brooks Bowman's "East of the Sun." The revelation within is this: Wahberg's a serviceable crooner, and plays it straight, for the most part. His guitar, a visual piece of artistry, largely serves to showcase the stellar compositions . . .  he coaxes such a wonderful tone from his guitar, with inventive (but not intrusive) arrangements that feature walking bass lines, rhythm, and lead virtually all at once. As if that's not enough, he plays harmonica, whistles, and occasionally brings out his "lip trumpet." It all makes for a nice, laid-back package..." © Fred Kraus - minor7th.com

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