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Brad Hoyt
Together Alone

with Muriel Anderson, John Doan, Antoine Dufour, Don Alder, Jeff Titus, Stacy Hobbs, Mike Doolin, Carter Lancaster, Pete Bradshaw, and Gregg Miner

Review and In-depth Interview with producer Gregg Miner

Track Listings

  1. Midwestern Expansion
2. Martyr's Last Crossing
3. Sharper's Lament
4. Together Alone
5. Tonight We Dance
6. Letting Go
7. Fisherman's Mistress
8. Moravian Deluge
9. The Other Things
10.Westside Rendezvous
11.To Last a Lifetime
12.Forever Faithful
13.The Girl With Glasses
14.Sheechka Moye
with Antoine Dufour
with Jeff Titus
with Mike Doolin
with Stacy Hobbs
with Muriel Anderson
with John Doan
with Gregg Miner
with Gregg Miner
with Don Alder
with Mike Doolin
with Gregg Miner
with Carter Lancaster
with Pete Bradshaw
with Brad on piano and harp guitar
  Some full songs are also presented on Brad's site.

A different kind of Harp Guitar Compilation!

Ten amazing harp guitarists team up with pianist Brad Hoyt in a wonderfully diverse collection of piano and harp guitar duets.  Brad personally assembled the cast of harp guitarists who collaborated on these brand new arrangements of Brad's fetching instrumental tunes.

Brad Hoyt is a multi-instrumentalist who, besides being a versatile and prolific composer and keyboard virtuoso, is himself a harp guitarist, of sorts. You can hear his rather unique take on the instrument on the closing track, featuring Brad on piano and also his spectacular, one-of-a-kind 30-string Arpa Viola Caipira, a “harp guitar version” of a Brazilian 5-course folk guitar. The remaining tracks showcase Brad’s keyboard abilities, leaving the harp guitar parts to his many talented friends. 

The instruments range from vintage to modern, and include steel-string Dyer and Dyer-inspired instruments, GIbson, nylon or gut-strung harp guitars, electric jazz harp guitar, and even harp mandolin!

These unique pairings have transformed Brad’s captivating piano compositions into new duet arrangements that are truly greater than the sum of their parts!


'...the result is a gentle musical journey that inspires and delights. Seek it out!' - David Mead, Guitar Techniques Magazine, Issue 53

"Bravo Brad Hoyt for this very fine album with some of the most beautiful sounds that two instruments can make!" - Dave Walker,

"Bittersweet nostalgia, haunting regret, playfulness, everlasting love and resilience of character are just some of the spirits tapped into through the mature musicianship here." -Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

"A delightful surprise, this is good, solid, meaty adult music you can really dig into. Hot stuff." -Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review

"...the education into the world of the harp guitar is secondary to the eloquent melodies and subtle complexities that encompass Together Alone. From the opening track “Midwestern Expansion”, the CD establishes a distinct mood, one of captivation and scenic beauty, and you are immediately thrust into a world where a certain tranquility has taken over."  -Daniel Damiano, Award Winning Playwright, Actor and Poet

"Together Alone...shows off the sound of the harp guitar in ways that have musical substance and gives you plenty to hear and appreciate." - Grego Edwards, Gapplegate Guitar and Bass

"Guitar fans and piano fans will marvel at the amazing talent and technique of Hoyt and his gifted harp guitar players, yet the real star on Together Alone is Hoyt’s sublime compositions, which combine a number of classical, jazz and slightly shaded New Age / Americana motifs in his instrumental originals." Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000


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