Giovanni Intelisano, with Lorenzo Frignani
Luigi Mozzani: Life and Works

At long last - the spectacular, long-awaited "re-print" of the Mozzani book!  Except - it's almost all new, and this time in both Italian and English!  One of the most important figures in the history, music and culture of the harp guitar, Luigi Mozzani's work staggers the imagination.  Not just for harp guitar or chitarra-lyra fans, every serious guitar aficionado will want this book.

Intelisano's original black and white monograph on Mozzani, published ten years ago, quickly sold out has been impossible to obtain at any price.  Now the author makes that book all but obsolete with this major work, published in conjunction with several key institutions of Cento. 

Luthier Lorenzo Frignani contributes significantly to this project, specifically in arranging for the acquisition and archiving of the largest collection of surviving Mozzani instruments, which make up much of the book.

The groundbreaking book is intense and detailed, with chapters on:

  • Life and Works

  • Performer and Composer

  • Lute-making Activity

  • Cataloging of Mozzani's Plucked, Plectrum and Bowed Instruments

  • Acoustic Tests

  • The Mozzani Collection of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

  • The Students

  • Archives and Inventories

There is much material from Mozzani's own handwritten notes and ledgers, along with extensive writings of his granddaughter, Carmen (herself a chitarra-lyra player). 

Quality is superb, with highest quality paper and printing.  Dozens of new photos (filled with harp guitars) fill the book - they are small, but exquisite, and printed in full color even when originally grayscale or sepia.  The full-page, full color instrument photographs are stunning, and feature mostly rare, never-before-published instruments.

The book alone is easily worth the price of admission, but it is capped off by some "free surprises": a fold-out, full-scale set of plans for a one-armed chitarra lyra that was Mozzani's own performing instrument, and a CD full of rare gems.  Part 1 includes 6 rare sides recorded by Luigi Mozzani on a 9-string chitarra lyra (yes, the basses are played), 2 by Mario Maccaferri, 2 by Carmen Lenzi Mozzani and 2 each by Luigi Mariotti and Simona Boni (no basses).  (Note: Quality of the original 78 records is very inconsistent)  Part 2 features new recordings (predominantly Mozzani compositions) played on original Mozzani instruments: guitar, harp guitar, mandolins and mandola.

365+ pages, 8-3/4" x 13", paper

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