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Brigitte Zaczek
Romantic Guitar II

Track Listings

NAPOLÉON COSTE (1805-1883)

1. Andante et Polonaise op.44 
2. Rêverie op. 53 Nr.1
3. Fantaisie sur deux motifs de "La Norma" op.16 
4. Le Zuyderzée (Ballade) op.20 
5. Caprice sur l´Áir Espagnol "La Cachucha" op.13 
6. Grande Sérénade op. 30 
7. Valse Favorite op. 46 
8. 8 Walzer aus "16 Walses favorites de Johann Strauss" op.7

Heptacorde R. Lacote, Paris 1855, collection of
Bernhard Kresse (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
J.A.Stauffer & Comp. Wien 1837 (6, 7, 8)

Booklet Essays by Alfred Komarek: One Century and seven Strings
Bruno Marlat: The LACOTE/COSTE guitar
Brigitte Zaczek: Bon Anniversaire, Monsieur Coste!

"Finally, a CD of Napoleon Coste as it was meant to be played and heard!  It is an exceptional CD that anyone interested in romantic guitar should own.  This CD consists entirely of pieces by the great French guitarist-composer Napoleon Coste, 1805-1883.  Coste was the leading guitarist in France and embodied the romantic guitar genre.  The CD's repertoire selection of Coste's considerable output provides a good cross-section of Coste's formats and selects worthy concert pieces such as the Grande Serenade op. 30.  The instruments selected are of historical significance in 19th century guitar.  5 tracks are on a very rare "Heptacorde" Coste-school Lacote made in Paris in 1855.  It differs from most romantic guitars, with 7 strings, a different body shape than a typical French Lacote-school guitar, patent Lacote tuners or machines, an elevated fingerboard, extended range (22-24 frets), finger rest, and tail piece.  Coste is seen in two surviving photos with a heptacorde instrument nearly identical to the one played on the recording.  The 3 last tracks are recorded on a very special Staufer Legnani model, with adjustable neck and 8 strings, restored by Kresse. These instruments are perfectly set up, and Brigitte Zaczek masterfully evokes a robust, powerful and full sound, with no buzzing, and a varied, sweet and rich tone.  These guitars easily stand up to any modern concert guitar, and have a very different sound than the Spanish classical guitar - punchy, somber, direct and sweet.  Indeed the Lacote and Staufer each have their own distinct personality, as well as depth.  Brigitte Zaczek plays the repertoire and instruments musically, with understated virtuosity, and she treats the instruments within their character, playing to their strengths and bringing out the richness of color each possesses.  The packaging is also first rate, with a fold-out 3-panel package and ample photos as well as program notes." - Len Verrett, earlyromanticguitar.com

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