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Carter Lancaster
Case Closed.

Review and In-depth Interview with producer Gregg Miner

Track Listings

1. Keep Off the Grass
2. Busy in New York
3. Loganís Garden
4. Crash and Burn
5. Easy Street

6. Rhythm Changes
7. Case Closed
8. My Little Piece of Heaven
9. Blue
10. Birthday Bells
11. Jubalís Tomb
12. Widow Walk
13. The Writings on the Wall
Serenity Hill

Produced by Carter Lancaster and Harp Guitar Music founder Gregg Miner (that's me).  This is Carter's second CD, and first to feature his amazing harp guitar compositions (on over half the tunes).  Every single tune is infectious and immediately accessible...and then they continue to grow on you!  Why?  Lush open tunings, inimitable melodic two-handed tapping, rock-solid rhythm and power to match.  And always melody, melody, melody.  All original solo acoustic compositions and all new recordings (Jubal's Tomb also appears in a slightly different version on Harp Guitar Dreams).  A Harp Guitar Gathering favorite, I was lucky enough to work with Carter to bring you this incredible music.


"There's nothing like the look of a harp guitar in someone's hands to grab a person's interest right away. That visual could be one of the reasons behind Andy McKee's phenomenal success on YouTube, his harp guitar tune "Into the Ocean" registering over 6 million views there. The Holloway Model 5 harp guitar (actually, a vintage Dyer - GM) cradled by Carter Lancaster on the cover of his new CD "Case Closed" is at once a visual curiosity and a beauty luring the listener in... but it's Lancaster's compositions that will reel him in hook, line and sinker. Like McKee, Lancaster possesses a deft touch for melodic phrasing which is bestowed upon only a given few on the planet. "Logan's Garden," "Easy Street," "Blue" and "Case Closed" are all striking examples of how a self-assured player does not hesitate to pay honor to melody and pathos first and foremost, using masterful technique only as a tool toward this end. Even those tunes on which his technique is showcased with rhythmic hammer-ons and chiming, such as "Busy in New York" and "Jubal's Tomb," it's apparent that Lancaster's priority is always to render a song listenable rather than pretentious. Feel-good waltzes are a specialty: "Birthday Bells" and "Widow Walk" will have your head bobbing and body swaying... and yes, even your mouth dropping open... especially when Lancaster nails those silken arpeggios on "Widow Walk."" © Alan Fark,

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