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Stephen Bennett
Harp Guitar Basics

Interactive Data-DVD

Songs Covered:

Gentle Annie (Stephen Foster)
Bridget & Elanor
The Water is Wide
Going Home

TrueFire says:

No tedious theory or exercises here. You will learn harp guitar by playing through six of Stephen's arrangements during which he covers tunings, techniques, all of the basics and few advanced tricks of the trade to keep you inspired and on your toes. Bennett worked up the following arrangements and lesson plan for your introduction to harp guitar: Stephen Foster's tune, Gentle Annie; Turlough O'Carolan's Bridget & Elanor (two tunes in one); an English folk song, The Water is Wide; Antonin Dvorak's Largo movement from that symphony, commonly known as Going Home; and Bennett's own Perestroika.

All in all, Harp Guitar Basics will treat your ears, tickle your musical senses and get you up and running quickly!

Once you've got these basic harp guitar chops together, go directly to Bennett's Harp Guitar Repertoire and take on seven more tunes, all written by Bennett and all composed specifically for harp guitar.

Stephen says:

"My objective with Harp Guitar Basics is to take you through a series of musical arrangements to get you acquainted with my approach to the harp guitar. I start with the assumption that you already have at least some minimal experience playing finger-style on a standard 6-string guitar. But even if you have never played guitar and somehow have wound up with a harp guitar, you will still be served well by the simple arrangements presented in the course."

Gregg says:

A warm and cozy, non-threatening start to the instrument and Stephen's outstanding arrangements.  Tab is included.  You'll also want to check out Stephen's great Harp Guitar Tips (Settle on a tuning, Mute often, Think minimally) on Harp Guitar Repertoire.

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