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Electric Harp Guitar Group
Electric Harp Guitar Group

Track Listings

1. Beyond the Edge
2. Tribes
3. Earth From Above
4. Long Way Home
5. Feels Like Night To Me
6. Three Cats

7. Pasqua
8. Seven Canyons
9. What Color is Your Sky
10. Women of the Junks
11. The Secret Life of Calculus

Guitarists William Eaton, Anthony Mazzella, and Fitzhugh Jenkins play original music composed for and/or improvised on a newly designed set of matched electric instruments.  Each member of the group is an established guitarist, performer, composer, producer, and recording artist in his own right. Anthony Mazzella is one of the most innovative guitar players in the world. Fitzhugh Jenkins is known for his versatility on acoustic, classical, and bass guitars. William Eaton is acknowledged as one of the world's great designers and builders of unique stringed instruments that, according to one reviewer, "look like lost artifacts of a highly evolved alien culture." In collaboration they create a unified sound that leads to the unfolding of each musical moment. This instrumental combination is a first. Imagine three 18-string instruments simultaneously resonating in harmony, rhythmic syncopation, and melodic counterpoint, using elements of jazz, classical, East Indian, ambient, funk, rock and their own finger-style innovations. The 18-string electric harp guitar has an extended guitar scale neck that is approximately two inches longer than a regular electric guitar. This longer scale gives the instrument a lower range and deeper tone values. A sinewy curve arches from the headstock to the end of the fret board and flows through the sculpted body to create harp bows by which to attach two extra sets of strings. Six strings are attached to the longer harp bow, and provide open plucked frequencies in the mid and bass ranges. Six strings are also attached to the lower body of the instrument; with their shorter string length resulting in higher pitched notes similar to the small Autoharp of the zither family. The instrument utilizes electro-magnetic and piezo pickups that allows the guitar and harp strings to be amplified.

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