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Gregg Miner & Company
Good Dogs, Bad Dogs, Best Friends

with Stephen Bennett, Joe Morgan, Carter Lancaster, Brad Hoyt and Frank Doucette

Review and In-depth Interview with producer Gregg Miner

Track Listings

1. Auggie Doggie
2. Bad Dog
3. Gone Fishin'
4. Maezi McGillicuddy
5. A Little Longer Would Be Nice
6. Adventure Dog
7. Bandit's Bounce
8. Mickey
9. Good Dog
10. Again and Again
11. Bear's Tune
12. Jasta
13. Best Friends
14. Squirrel Chase
15. Shaanti
Bonus Track: Two Little Dogs

Gregg’s long-awaited follow-up to his100-instrument “A Christmas Collection” is a tribute to man’s best friend.  Enlisting the help of several dog-loving friends (and fantastic musicians) - Stephen Bennett, Joe Morgan, Carter Lancaster, Brad Hoyt and Frank Doucette – the friends created 16 "instrumental musical snapshots" of the dogs they’ve known and loved, and telling their stories in the fully illustrated, full color booklet.  

Fingerstyle guitar champ Don Alder calls Miner “the Frank Zappa of the harp guitar.”  Miner prefers to think of his music as “lovely, but quirky.”  

The "Dog Project" was the idea of Gregg’s wife's Jaci Rohr, who among many other talents, has a pet products side business, Two Little Dogs.  The couple co-produced this album as a tribute to our four-legged friends, and are donating a portion of each CD sale to dog-related charities.  

The other contributors are all part of the harp guitar community and there is plenty of harp guitar on this album, along with 6-string guitar, harp, hammered dulcimer, piano, and a few other unusual odds and ends.

All tunes are brand new, except for 3 of Stephen Bennett's 4 tunes (that’s right – this features a brand new, unreleased Bennett harp guitar piece!), and Joe's, which are new, edited re-mixes.  Canadian fingerstyle wiz Carter Lancaster, pianist and Yamaha recording artist Brad Hoyt, and newcomer Frank Doucette all contributed new pieces about their beloved pets.  Read more about our friends on the Artists page.

The tunes run the instrumental gamut from pastoral sketches to chases, rock & roll-over to wagtime - fun for the whole family!

Produced by Jaci Rohr and Gregg Miner
(Two Little Dogs, Harp Guitar Music)

15 tracks plus a surprise bonus track!  You'll laugh, you'll cry, your dogs will wag their tails.

More about the co-producers: Besides running her Two Little Dogs business, Jaci Rohr also works in product development for Cesar Millan, Inc.  When Cesar's show "The Dog Whisperer" first went into production, Gregg wrote "Cesar's Arrival Theme" (listen when he gets out of the car and runs up to the client’s house...).  The show is now in its 6th Season on National Geographic cable, and also on DVD.  Gregg - known worldwide as “the harp guitar pope” - is also president of non-profit The Harp Guitar Foundation.

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