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See Andy McKee perform
Into the Ocean

See Alex de Grassi perform
Reverie for Greensleeves

Various Artists
Harp Guitar Dreams

Track Listings

1. Into the Ocean *
            Andy McKee: 1998 Ron Spillers Harp Guitar
2. If You Were Here
            Tim Donahue: 1986 Tim Donahue Electric Harp Guitar
3. Reverie For Greensleeves
            Alex de Grassi: 2006 Fred Carlson "New Dream" 39-string Harp-Sympitar
4. View From Space
            Muriel Anderson: 2003 Mike Doolin Harp Requinto
5. Brandywyn
            Andy Wahlberg: 2007 Merrill Harp Guitar
6. Dulcitar Dream
            Tom Shinness: 1913 Gibson Harp Guitar
7. A Single Moment
            Don Alder: 2006 Duane Noble Harp Guitar
8. Mahjabeen
            Jeff Titus: 2002 Fred Carlson "Oracle" 24-string Harp-Sympitar
9. Bridge of Verdant Mist
            Gregg Miner: c.1912 Knutsen "Zither Harp Guitar"
10. Jubal's Tomb
            Carter Lancaster: c.1914 Dyer Harp Guitar
11. Long Distance Call *
            Dan LaVoie: 2002 Ron Spillers Harp Guitar
12. When We Were Kings
            Pete Bradshaw: 2007 Merrill Harp Guitar
13. Harp Guitar Dreams
            John Doan: 1986 Sullivan-Elliott 20-string Concert Harp Guitar

Previously Released Track

A gorgeous and moving new harp guitar compilation

13 solo instrumental tracks – many commissioned specifically for this project – that will appeal to everyone from New Age fans to virtuoso instrumental guitar fans. 

Featuring a wonderful mix of world-class harp guitarists, including popular favorites, fingerstyle champions and newer artists, the lineup includes Muriel Anderson, John Doan, Andy Wahlberg, Andy McKee, Don Alder, Carter Lancaster, Tim Donahue, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, Jeff Titus, Gregg Miner, Pete Bradshaw, and surprise guest harp guitarist Alex de Grassi ! 

Produced by Gregg Miner exclusively for Harp Guitar Music.

Specifically designed as an infinite musical experience.

Relax during your massage, chill out during your drive, share with friends over dinner, or put on your iPod phones and savor every luscious note.   However or wherever it moves you, we invite you to share our dreams.

"Dazzling collection of 13 tracks from an array of harp guitar virtuosos…" - Elderly Instruments

"Harp Guitar Dreams...is wonderful.  Personally, I was amazed at the sound created by the musicians.  The richness of the instruments and the spirit of the compositions make it perfect for my show.  The booklet included with the...CD was a great addition - friends can't believe the beauty of the instruments!" -Andy Dooley-Miller. KVMR, Nevada City, CA

"Harp Guitar Ear Candy:  This follow-up to Beyond Six Strings features 13 guitarists, each playing an original solo instrumental on different models of harp guitar.  The music mostly falls into the “new age” category, but is as varied as the players and instruments, and is anything but wallpaper.  For his recording debut on harp guitar, Alex de Grassi chose probably the most radical instrument featured here (a 39-string Harp-Sympitar built by Fred Carlson) for a beautiful variation on “Greensleeves.”  Meanwhile, Muriel Anderson plays a nylon-string “harp requinto” (by Mike Doolin) and Tim Donahue employs an electric model of his own design.  In the vintage category, there are a 1913 Gibson (played by Tom Shinness), Carter Lancaster’s 1914 Dyer Style 6, and a 1912 Knutsen “zither harp guitar,” utilized by label head and producer Gregg Miner.  The latter features three different banks of treble strings (in addition of the six guitar strings), which Miner juggles to great effect on “Bridge of Verdant Mist.”  Most refreshing is the fact …the music stands on its own, and you needn’t be a harp guitar aficionado (or even guitarist) to enjoy it." - © Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine (March, 2009)

I had the privilege to review the initial compilation of Harp Guitar virtuosity called "Beyond Six Strings" (see Minor 7th Sept/Oct 2006), and I remain haunted by the textures of sound these amazing instruments produce. Led by the efforts of Gregg Miner, the harp guitar -- a novelty originally introduced near the turn of the 20th century, but never with a solid home in the acoustic music world previously -- is opening the ears of a new millennium to the aural possibilities of instruments with dozens of strings, and the artists who dare venture into their realm. This second collection of pieces by various guitarists is called "Harp Guitar Dreams," as much for the ethereal effect they have as the imagination behind the compositions. Of the 13 pieces in the CD, eleven are new, while two have been released previously -- but it's nice to hear them anyway. Andy McKee -- who seems to be able to do anything on a guitar -- sets the disc on a solid course with his "Into the Ocean," putting to good effect the droning of the long-scale bass strings while delicately picking the melody and keeping his groove intact. Every cut on this CD is excellent. Some other standouts for me: Alex DeGrassi on "Reverie for Greensleeves" playing an amazing Fred Carlson creation called the New Dream 39-string Harp-Sympitar, where the melody undulates in and around the traditional tune; Muriel Anderson's "View from Space" with its cascading harmonics introducing one of her trademark sweet melodies; and the title cut played by the brilliant John Doan, "Harp Guitar Dreams," which taps into the full spectrum of tonal tastiness found only on harp guitars. It's a fitting finale to a wonderful disc. Oh -- and don't download this one from iTunes -- the pictures of the artists with their instruments along with a description of their piece is worth the full price.
© Kirk Albrecht, minor7th.com

HARP GUITAR MUSIC - Huge in the ‘80s thanks to the advent of the CD and big name labels offering a new ambient and meditative sound such as Windham Hill, New Age music is making a comeback in the millennium thanks in part to the 2008 CD release of Harp Guitar Dreams. Produced by harp guitar enthusiast Gregg Miner and featuring a wide range of outstanding guitarists such as Alex de Grassi, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee and others, the 13 track Harp Guitar Dreams is a sublime musical experience for guitar enthusiasts and listeners looking for an intelligent and well produced instrumental, acoustic-based guitar CD to just chill out with. Even with the advent of downloading and file sharing, it’s nevertheless worth it to pick up the actual CD of Harp Guitar Dreams as it features excellent artwork and packaging with a full color booklet filled with track by track interviews with each artist discussing their love of the harp guitar. For guitar lovers who might not know, the harp guitar was a big deal at the turn of the 20th century and several players here perform on instruments that were actually made in 1912! That’s a fact that you ‘d never realize as Miner and his fellow harp guitarists have made an album that transcends time and leaves an ethereal magical effect on the listener. Don’t forget to take a look at the label’s excellent web site which features a number of Harp guitar releases along with a range of good old regular six string guitar CDs. - © Robert Silverstein, mwe3.com

The thirteen tracks from thirteen different artists--including producer Gregg Miner--makes an excellent companion disc to the equally wonderful BEYOND SIX STRINGS, released in 2006. These two albums provide a more than adequate introduction to the world of the harp guitar.
Seven of these artists were also featured on BEYOND SIX STRINGS. Among the new artists to this collection is acclaimed fingerstyle guitarist Alex de Grassi who performs "Reverie for Greensleeves" using a 2006 Fred Carlson "New Dream" 39-string Harp-Sympitar. The oldest instrument is used by Miner, a one-of-a-kind 1912 Knutsen "Zither Harp Guitar." [Note: Knutsen patented his first harp guitar in 1896. Only 160 Knutsen guitars are known to have been built, and of those only 123 survive to this day.] Tim Donahue plays an electric harp guitar--the only one used on this collection. The booklet includes a photo of each artist and his/her instrument along with information on each track.
Each of these tracks is a meditative delight. Highlights include Muriel Anderson's "View from Space." (Her nylon-stringed instrument adds an especially ethereal quality.) Equally lovely is Tom Shinness's "Dulcitar Dream." And if you're wondering: Does a harp guitar REALLY sound sound like a harp? Listen to Miner's "Bridge of Verdant Mist" or John Doan's "Harp Guitar Dreams" and find out for yourself. -
Jazz Blues Club, 6/2012

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