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Hirokatsu Takai
Master of the Koto Harp Guitar

NOTE: 100% of proceeds go to the Harp Guitar Foundation.

Track Listings

1. Shooting Star
2. Pass Along
3. Drunken Man’s Demon Dance
4. Sad Eyes of Separation
5. I’m Always with You
6. Burrito
7. Signs of Summer
8. The Graceful Kabuki Dance
9. The Stormy Kano River
10. Yokohama SB
11.Prayer for You
12. The Beautiful Sun
13. Test of Courage
14. Until Next Time

Bonus Tracks (room recordings of "King Ghidorah," the 36-string koto harp guitar built by Benoît Meulle-Stef)
15. A Seagull in the Blue Sky
16. A Piece for Peace

Produced by Gregg Miner and Frank Doucette for the remembrance of the inimitable late composer and performer of his own invention, Hiro Takai.

An incredible collection of re-mixed and re-mastered versions of his most stunning koto harp guitar pieces, with two additional bonus tracks of his second instrument.

12-page full color keepsake booklet included.

See my blogs on Hiro for more on this remarkable musician:

And quotes from Hiro's friends and fans:

"The new cd is fabulous. Thanks for doing it." - Tony Barnard

"This is a fantastic CD and I have played my copy many, many times. It is mastered very well and “flows” as an album should. It stands as an artistic statement in its own right. Your work on a professional “music production” level is a great success." - Martin Pleass

"Hiro's CD was the first one I listened to on the way home. It was a truly wonderful experience. Thank you for making sure his music was preserved and made available for folks like me to enjoy. I will draw inspiration from it for years to come." - Jeff Pike

"This cd is a precious treasure! Y’all did such a great job of honoring our dear Hiro-san, I tear up every time I listen. His music is a unique part of guitar history, and brings back wonderful memories we shared with such a special person and musician." - Drew Baldwin

"This is a wonderful album. The cross-fertilization of traditional Japanese music and contemporary finger-style is absolutely beautiful." - Michael O'Brien

"We love & treasure this CD & booklet." - Mary Pat & Tom Cook


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