Jeff Titus: Wood Dragon

Track Listings

1. Wood Dragon
2. Open Michael
3. Ashes

4. Just A Position
5. Behind Your Eyes
6. The Glass
7. Chava's Song (Hedges)
8. Silent Return
9. Padanaram
10. Keep Me Wey Ting
11. Sunset, New Moon
12. A Day Adrift

Fans of Michael Hedges and similar fingerstyle guitar music will thoroughly enjoy Jeff's original compositions and major acoustic guitar chops on 6-string and Oracle, his custom Fred Carlson harp-sympitar (heard on 5 tunes)

Guest musicians include Michael Manring, Drew Youngs and Gregg Miner.

"Jeff Titus has found a way to use extended techniques and a 24-string guitar and still keep the focus on the music - inspired, tightly crafted compositions beautifully performed and delivered straight from the heart." - Alex de Grassi

"If you're looking for a different sonic experience in acoustic guitar music, "Wood Dragon" by Jeff Titus is a CD you should not pass by. While Titus plays some traditional fingerstyle, the centerpiece of the disc is one of Fred Carlson's unique multi-stringed instruments, in this case a 24-string harp sympitar. The far-ranging tonal qualities possible with the sympitar are evident on the opening cut, the title track "Wood Dragon." There is an almost Japanese koto-like character to the higher strings as they open the song, and provide accents throughout, as Titus keeps the groove through tapping, while letting the bass strings drone in sustain under the melody. Harp guitar master Gregg Miner adds to this Japanese flavor on a traditional Guzheng. Titus covers Michael Hedges' "Chava's Song" in all its deliberate lyrical beauty on the sympitar. The other cuts featuring the sympitar are "Sunset, New Moon," an ethereal wisp capturing the glow of evening becoming the gleam of night, and "Silent Return," a short reflection that picks up themes from "Chava's Song" while allowing Titus room to dance his tapping fingers up and down the fretboard. This might be Titus' CD, but he's not afraid to allow his musical collaborators space to shine, like on "Just A Position," where his strumming lays the base for Michael Manring's fretless bass explorations to weave the melody. "The Glass" features Jeff Youngs on guitar, who helped Titus in composing and arranging the CD's songs. "Wood Dragon" presents all kinds of guitar landscapes, and its 12 tracks serve as a reminder of the power of strings - few or many - in the hands of a creative artist."
Kirk Albrecht -

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