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Track Listings

1. Katholische Jugend
2. Gleis #4
3. Alguien le Dice al Tango (Piazzolla)
4. Koidwoam
5. Versteck
6. Solace
7. Hans
8. Flor de Lino
9. Libertango (Piazzolla)
10. Bis boid
11. The Old Castle
12. Hin und Wieda
13. Soagn
14. Jez hft nua mea zauban

Not your grandparents' Schrammelmusik!  Profundkontra is Martina Engel on viola and Emmerich Haimer on harp guitar (the Viennese kontragitarre).  Despite the instrumentation, this is no tourist-y waltz music, but modern "experimental" acoustic cross-over (experimental in a good way). The couple of Piazzolla tangos included may give you an idea of their energy and style, but won't prepare you for their imaginative original compositions and jams.  Check it out!

Biography: Contra-guitar and viola on an extreme crossover mission: the unusual Viennese duo PROFUNDKONTRA draws a melodious bow from passionate tango and energetic rock to classical ballad, twisted blues and crazy waltz. The contra-guitarist Emmerich Haimer, from a renowned wine-producing village in Lower Austria , has rock and metal running through his veins. Martina Engel, an Anglo-Austrian viola player from Southern Germany , had a strictly classical musical upbringing. Both of them eventually started venturing for new horizons and musical freedom, the one magically drawn to classical music, tango, traditional Viennese music and waltz, the other to jazz, rock and folk.

Where else should they meet but in Vienna, this fantastic musical and cultural melting pot on the nexus of western and eastern Europe The outcome of this very special Viennese mlange is acoustic freestyle that does not mince matters: their first CD "Ui" (Austrian-German for: "Gosh!") tells vibrant stories about love and death, good and evil, spellbound castles and the craziness of everyday life. And like life in Austria's capital is, everything is just a little way-out, a little morbid, a little obscure but actually crystal clear, somewhat blue but actually a laugh, funny but actually quite serious...

In the end, life's a waltz!

Martina Engel studied classical viola, jazz and composition in Munich , Vienna and Linz . Her work for classical and new music ensembles has taken her to India , Japan , the U.S.A and across most of Europe . She is also a member of Studio Dan, an award winning avant garde jazz band, the jazz-pop project Punches&Judies and the string section of Soap&Skin.

Emmerich Haimer is a self-taught guitarist and composer from Lower Austria . In 1995 he co-founded the music theatre project Angizia, which is in a constant creative process until today, releasing its sixth record ("Kokon") in February 2011. From 2005 to 2010 he was a member of the metal group HOG meets FROG with over 80 concerts in Austria and neighboring countries.

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