Tom Shinness
Translucent Harp

Track Listings

1. Morning Falls
2. Don't Give Into Sorrow About Tomorrow
3. Fuchsia Peach
4. Tyler Roses
5. Cloud Kite Flight
6. Dulcitar
7. Churning Amber
8. Mandocrusin'
9. River Era Paradise
10. Peakay
11. Snickeroo
12. Fair Park
13. Pablo Papoose
14. The Apology
15. There He Was
16. Transluscent Harp
17. The Essence of Time Well Spent

From Tom's web site:
"Transluscent Harp is a dual purpose instrumental album. One is to provide music for solo harp guitar, the other is to feature the multi-instrumental side of Tom Shinness.
The harp guitar used is a Gibson built in 1913. It has six guitar strings and ten harp or bass strings. It sounds like a guitar with a bass player playing along. There are eight selections on Translucent Harp which feature the solo harp guitar.
There are nine other tracks which feature Tom playing a multitude of instruments. Tom likes to take a variety of instruments and for a moment forget what they are traditionally used for, finding new ways to combine the sounds. Instruments used on these tracks include all types of guitars, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, mandobass, upright bass, fretless bass, acoustic bass guitar, cello, zither, dulcitar, tambura, harp, ukelin, penny whistle, pump organ, marimba, bells and other percussion."

"CDs have fairly poured in over the last couple of weeks, but only a few really grabbed me. One is "Translucent Harp" from Tom Shinness. Shinness plays the bejeebers out of a number of unusual instruments; notably his ancient 16 string Gibson harp guitar.  He has remarkable compositional depth; think New Age with more melody and motion...Great technique, well recorded. This is a wholly, truly independent release, highly recommended for any lover of instrumental string music"
~ Rusty Russell, Music Row magazine

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