c.1900 Tony Biehl Harp Guitar, Davenport, Iowa
A great looking, playing and sounding American harp guitar


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NOTE: I always strive to represent instrument's color and condition as accurately as possible


Provenance: I knew the name Tony Biehl from his monthly advertisements in the pre-1900 Cadenza issues I've been scouring for decades. This harp guitar - the only surviving one of its kind still relatively intact was sitting in the back room of Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. I acquired it in 2013, sending it directly to Kerry Char for restoration. Soon after he finished I discovered the wonderful period photo below of a musician with the exact same instrument, but with the headstock embellishment missing from mine. I then had a version of that created by Bill Fiorella.

I've published a short feature on this instrument, along with an article on Tony Biehl's career and most of the known instruments. Lots of additional photos and information there.

I will tell you that this is one of the best non-Dyer harp guitars I've ever owned, with the added benefit of being able to hold tune, thanks to the original all-geared tuners. The six sub-basses sound as good as most Dyers and the neck strings are quite decent also (not as loud up top as a Dyer). You can even easily use the second neck as a fretless bass! With a 19" wide lower bout and 5" depth, it is also really large.

Price: SOLD


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