Phosphor Bronze Sub-Bass Strings
for Steel-String Harp Guitars*

*Including vintage and modern Dyer/Knutsen style instruments, Gibson instruments, other vintage American instruments and also most modern instruments.

Note: Many vintage guitars had options of being strung with either steel, silk and steel, or gut, and often originally used silk and steel or other compound string sub-basses.  Please consult a vintage guitar expert and/or your luthier if you are unsure about your instrument.

Read about tension research on Gregg's blogg

Custom Gauging for your harp guitar or similar instrument

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* International Customers
please contact us for quote.

* Gauges .034-.066
While they last!


Sadly, DR Strings – despite making a decent product – remains a small and unreliable company, so I chose to sever ties. Customers should take advantage of this closeout while they can. I will have a new supplier in place early next year, with comparable gauges and similar prices, but better quality and consistency. Meanwhile, please refer to the gauges in my SET GUIDE below and order your best options from the Singles list as some full sets are unavailable. – Gregg “Sir Gregory” Miner

Phosphor Bronze Sub-bass Set Information*


Harp Guitar Music sub-bass sets are specifically put together by harp guitarist/engineer Gregg Miner for balanced, even tension across all open bass strings to provide optimum tone and feel while retaining a comfortable safety margin for both modern and vintage instruments in either "extra light," "light" or "medium" tensions (see String Scale & Gauge Guide for more).

CAUTION: Harp Guitar Music sets are designed for standard Dyer or equivalent harp guitars with sub-bass scale lengths within 5% of those listed in my String Scale & Gauge GuideIf your instrument is much more than 5% different in scale for any sub-bass string, or if you use many different tunings, I strongly urge you to explore custom gauging.  Harp Guitar Music is not responsible for any instrument damage incurred by stringing.

Phosphor Bronze Sub-bass Singles


Exclusively made for Harp Guitar Music


SALE!  $0.90


SALE!  $0.90


SALE!  $0.95


SALE!  $0.95


SALE!  $0.95


SALE!  $0.95


SALE!  $1.00


SALE!  $1.00


SALE!  $1.00


SALE!  $1.00


SALE!  $1.00


Out of Stock  


SALE!  $1.10


SALE!  $1.15


SALE!  $1.50


Out of Stock  
.070" Out of Stock  
.072" Out of Stock  




.078" Out of Stock  
.080" $3.95

.085" $3.95
.090" Last stock of this gauge ever, while it lasts   $7.95


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