What's New on Harp Guitar Music

8/1/2023: Secondhand John Westling harp guitar available!

7/16/2023: I've released a new Christmas CD!

11/1/2022: I've got some of Professor Whimsey's Steampunk harp guitar scultpures!

4/2/2022: Affordable Gibson harp guitar just listed!

12/15/2021: A new Christmas compilation from Gregg Miner!

11/9/21: A new CD from James Kline!

6/1/21: New book of arch-guitarist James Kline's unique wood carvings added.

11/6/20: Dyer Harp Mandola available! Plus a secondhand gig bag.

7/11/20: My favorite Merrill harp guitar is back! #14, a half price gem (with caveats).

6/12/20: Secondhand Michael Schreiner Harp Guitar available!

4/27/20: My full line of custom Harp Guitar Music sub-bass strings is now available!

4/3/20: My new book is out! The story of "Vardon, Perry & Wilber(s)?"

12/11/19: The new Timberline Parlor Harp Guitars are here! Smaller bodies and shorter necks, same great sound!

12/4/2019: Added the new harp guitar compilation CD from Europe!

12/1/19: Added numerous out-of-print Musical Instrument Reference Books.

8/19/19: My latest book is out! W. J. Dyer & Bro. Symphony Harp Mandolins and the Symphony Harp Plectral Ensemble

7/10/19: A terrific secondhand Charles Hoffman harp guitar available!

2/4/19: The new Timberline® Harp Guitars are here!

12/10/18: Added 2 new rare instruments to my Treasures From the Miner Museum page!

11/30/18: Stunning secondhand Dyer Co. Koa Style 8 Harp Guitar, formerly owned by Alex Anderson!

10/30/18: Rich Mermer 'Live Edge' Electric Harp Guitar offered!

8/26/18: My personal Knutsen harp ukulele just added to Treasures From the Miner Museum!

7/27/2018: A nice vintage Dyer just listed!

7/22/2018: After much internal debate, I have created a page for my own collection "deaccessions." Visit Treasures From the Miner Museum for some rare and spectacular one-of-a-kind items!

7/8/2018: Listed an incredible secondhand Allan Beardsell harp guitar!

6/7/2018: Added a terrific used Emerald full-size harp guitar!

6/1/2018: Added my new 90-page companion book to Norwegian Wood!

5/6/2018: Added Floating Strings: The Remarkable Story of the Harp Guitar in America, a must have book!

2/25/2018: Added 16 new Stephen Bennett TABs!

2/18/2018: New Timberline® model now available!

11/13/2017: A beautiful New Dyer harp guitar with arm bevel for sale!

10/27/2017: The 15th Harp Guitar Music title is finally here...my own very special release!

10/24/2017: The $999 entry level harp guitar has arrived!

6/24/2017: New instrument listings: Near new stunning Merrill, vintage Knutsen harp-uke and South American harp guitars!

10/29/2016: New Tonedevil harp guitar listed!

10/6/2016: A mint 2013 Jeff Sigurdson harp guitar just added!

6/11/2016: Two more Tonedevils listed - another winner harp guitar and a harp mandolin!

3/15/2016: Two new Tonedevils listed - a harp guitar and a harp mandolin!

2/2/2016: "As New" Emerald carbon fiber harp guitar in stock!

11/30/2015: Listed 3 great new harp guitars!  Something old (Dyer Style 7), something new (Tonedevil), something secondhand (a stunning Beardsell)

9/1/2015: Added a secondhand Duane Noble harp guitar at a fantastic price!

8/21/2015: Added a brand new Style 4 "New" Dyer harp guitar in walnut!

8/1/2015: Added a great opportunity to get a fantastic-sounding Merrill at a great "As Is" price.

7/1/2015: Added a new James Kline sampler CD!

5/12/2015: I fixed my nylon LaBella sets with new custom gauges!

4/4/15: I've updated (re-vamped) all of my Harp Guitar Music string sets in both steel and nylon.

2/1/15: My personal Gibson harp guitar - the huge black one - available for sale!

1/18/15: Exquisite Merrill harp guitar "Style 7-1/2" in stock!

11/9/14: Vintage Dyer in stock!

10/22/14: Two new CDs by Stephen Bennett released simultaneously!  More Beatles and Still on the Line

10/10/14: Orange-top Holloway prototype harp guitar in like new condition in stock!

9/1/14: 2 new Emerald carbon fiber harp guitars in stock, plus a 2010 Merrill!

8/17/14: Amazing John Sullivan 20-string concert harp guitar in stock!

811/14: 2 gig bags available (new, recently returned unused): HGM and Holloway

5/27/14: New exclusive line of sub-bass strings!

5/15/2014: New Tonedevil harp guitar in stock!

3/21/2014: Closeout on D'Addario phosphor bronze strings!

3/9/2014: 2 new instrument listings: a nice vintage Dyer and the new Emerald carbon fiber harp guitar!

12/3/2013: New Brad Hoyt release! Far Away From Everyday with all-star cast!

10/18/2013: 2 new CDs added! Andy Wahlberg's new holiday release and the debut of Claude Laflamme!

8/18/2013: New Duane Noble harp ukulele just listed!

7/21/2013: Vintage Knutsen harp guitar listed!

6/22/2013: Added a rare copy of the long out-of-print Stephen Bennett "Harp Guitar" CD!

6/17/2013: Just listed: 2 new incredible harp guitars: a spectacular new custom Sharp harp guitar, and a coveted Dyer Style 8!

6/1/2013: Added the 2 Bardou CDs, as we are now James Klines' exclusive CD source in the U.S.!

5/22/2013: Beautiful and ornate vintage Knutsen Harp Steel Guitar added!

2/20/2013: 2008 "As New" Jeff Sigurdson Harp Guitar available!

12/4/2012: Another harp mandolin - this time an extremely inexpensive Italian "as is" instrument.

12/1/2012: A super-rare Dyer harp mandolin variant added as a companion to the Dyer Style 3!

11/11/2012: It's here! Two years in the making, our surprise Tribute to Stephen Bennett album!

8/6/2012: Just in: the aNueNue Harp Ukulele - only one available!

5/29/2012: The Stephen Bennett Tablature page has just been increased to over 50 harp guitar tunes!

5/24/2012: Stephen Bennett's second amazing CD this year is also out! Cool Tunes for Harp Guitar

4/25/2012: Stephen Bennett's brand new CD of originals, High St is here!

4/21/2012: 2 new listings of vintage Knutsens: a wonderful 18-string harp guitar and a wild harp steel Hawaiian!

1/27/2012: New contemporary harp guitar CD by Viennese duo Profundkontra in stock!

1/13/2012: New production Holloways are IN STOCK!

1/5/2012: Happy New Year!  Just added: a great vintage Dyer Style 7!

12/16/2011: Great new hand-made Dyer copy by Arul just in!

12/12/2011: Fred Carlson's book is here!  A Luthier's Alphabet of Imaginary Instruments

11/22/2011: New Harp Guitar Music Christmas CD release is here! Christmas Present

10/28/2011: 2 new instruments available: an entry level "black Dyer" and a "time capsule" Spillers harp guitar!

9/15/2011: New CD by Jon Mendle added: Historical music on an 11-string archguitar!

9/4/2011: For sale: Stephen Bennett's original Kathy Wingert Harp Guitar!

8/28/2011: New Harp Guitar Music CD release!  Further Beyond Six Strings!

8/17/2011: New book added: The Lute in Europe II - hundreds of gorgeous photos of plucked string instruments!

8/3/2011: Running a special sale on select Stephen Bennett items (overstock supplied by SB, not a liquidation).

6/20/2011: Ultra-rare and desirable black-top Knutsen harp mandolin with sub-basses for sale - 1 of only 5 known!

6/5/2011: A vintage all-koa Knutsen harp guitar that was sold last July is again for sale - "as is" and affordable!

5/16/2011: One-of-a-kind 1990 Jeffrey Elliott steel-string harp guitar listed!

3/20/2011: McCollum harp guitar just arrived!

2/26/2011: 1 new Holloway hardshell harp guitar case available.

2/18/2011: Stephen Bennett's 2 new TrueFire Interactive DVDs are here! Harp Guitar Basics and Harp Guitar Repertoire.  Or buy just the TAB from both releases!

12/30/2010: New CD: The Czar's Guitars new album, Souvenirs of Russia, featuring Russian music for 2 guitars (1 of which is typically a harp guitar).

12/4/2010: New CDs in stock: Muriel Anderson & John Doan's long-awaited duo CD Harp Guitars Under the Stars, a new solo John Doan CD A Celtic Pilgrimage, and Please Play Me, a Beatles album by Andy Wahlberg!  Under Nylon Strings, we now have a small supply of Muriel Anderson's custom GHS set for Doolin harp requinto.

11/21/2010: First wave of Holloway harp guitar prototypes are here!

11/17/2010: New Merrill harp guitar just arrived! 

10/29/10: New Release: Stephen Bennett's Classic Rock Harp Guitar CD is here!  

10/13/10: 2 new harp guitar listings added - both are short-scale (smaller) instruments.  An incredible Kathy Wingert and a vintage Knutsen!  Also 2 new interesting sets of back & sides wood.

9/6/10: 2 new harp guitar listings added - a very affordable Viennese contra-guitar and a "needs restoration" example of a Dyer Style 8!

7/12/2010: A new specimen of the gorgeous Dyer Style 35 harp mandolin just arrived!

7/4/2010:  Now, besides our Paypal shopping cart, you can use your VISA or MasterCard to place mail or phone orders 

6/27/2010: A vintage all-koa Knutsen harp guitar for sale "as is" and cheap!

6/13/2010: Just arrived: Harp Guitar Plans for the Sullivan-Elliott Harp Guitar, made famous by John Doan!

5/17/2010: Just arrived: Limited quantity of John Doan's "Remembrance"

5/5/2010: Stephen Bennett's Tablature from "Good Wood" is here!

3/26/2010: Added SIGNED COPIES of the great guitar collection book, "With Strings Attached" by Jonathan Kellerman.

3/12/2010: Added a new flight case for oversize harp guitars.

March, 2010: European Customers can now buy all Harp Guitar Music label CDs from our European Affiliate, Harpguitar.fr !

2/26/2010: A super-rare vintage Dyer harp guitar added!

2/23/2010: 2 great new instruments: A Jeff Sigurdson Dyer-style harp guitar, and a Black Bear harp ukulele.  Both gorgeous!

2/11/2010: New "Andy McKee" long scale John Pearse strings (Bennett tuning) added!

/5/2010: Over a 100 Harp guitar Sitka spruce top sets available here!

1/20/2010: A nice, fully restored vintage Knutsen 3/4 scale harp guitar added!

1/10/2010: A great vintage Dyer harp guitar available!

1/1/2010: Happy New Year!  More new instruments on consignment are James Kline's steel-string Arch Harp Guitar, and 2 wild Rich Mermer instruments!

12/7/2009: New Instruments!  A stunning new Duane Noble, plus a gorgeous Dyer harp mandolin and a player's vintage Viennese kontragitarre.

11/30/2009: And a final Harp Guitar Music release for the year by Brad Hoyt with 10 harp guitarists!

11/6/2009: 6 new CDs just added!  We are proud to announce 3 brand new Harp Guitar Music releases by
                Gregg Miner, Carter Lancaster and Philippe Fouquet.
                And, yes - all qualify for the mix-&-match 8 CDs for $100 with free shipping offer!
                Plus: First harp guitar releases by Jason Carter, Stephanie Jackson and Matt Thomas!

10/7/2009: New instrument listing: A stunning Mozzani-inspired 21-string by Belgium luthier Benoît Meulle-Stef!
                 New flight cases with "a skosh more room" added!
                 And finally, for builders - harp guitar wood !

9/7/2009: New Stephen Bennett release: Good Wood available now!

8/8/2009: Three great new secondhand instruments added: a Merrill Dyer copy, a 20-string Sandpiper, and a tenor Michael Dunn harp ukulele!

6/5/2009: Added Planet Wave cables to the Pickup Systems page, and have Order Buttons for all pickup systems active.

6/1/2009: Debut Harp Guitar CD from Adam Carney!

5/11/2009: Vintage Dyer Harp Mandolin for sale!

4/19/2009: Vintage Knutsen Harp Steel Guitar for sale!
New line of color-coded strings for super-trebles and Gibson basses!
Two new books of collector Tony Ku's Hawaiian guitars and ukuleles that include many instruments by Chris Knutsen.

3/23/2009: Finally - a series of dedicated "off the shelf" harp guitar pickup systems - by Pick-up the World!

3/18/2009: The Outdoor Harp Guitars are here!  These are the world's first travel harp guitars!

3/17/2009: The debut CD of Tyler Hawkins: Bach on Seventeen Strings is in stock!

2/20/2009: The debut CD of the Electric Harp Guitar Group is in stock!

1/18/09: Two new reviews for Harp Guitar Dreams added.

1/10/09: Added two new vintage harp guitars and several used cases of different types.

12/23/08: Gig bags: New 2009 colors are in !

11/27/08: SIX new instrument listings added.  Take a look!
Plus - the long awaited book on Luigi Mozzani - Italian AND English is finally here!

11/3/08: New Harp Guitar for sale: 2008 Rich Mermer Guitar - outrageous custom instrument!
Plus -Michael Dunn 2008 Concert size Harp Ukulele!
Harp Guitar Gathering 6 merchandise added! (past merchandise reduced)

9/9/08: Added a small book on Napoleon Coste and a poster of Michael Hedges' Harp Guitar.

7/15/08: It's here! Harp Guitar Dreams, a gorgeous and moving new harp guitar CD compilation.  With this historic release, six new Affiliated Artists are added to the growing Harp Guitar Music roster!

7/9/08: New Harp Guitar for sale: a Bargain Basement Entry Level Harp Guitar! (Viennese Kontragitarre)

6/21/08: New Harp Guitar for sale: 2008 Duane Noble Harp Guitar - Special custom model for Harp Guitar Music!

5/9/08: Unheard for over 175 years!  The Harpolyre music of Fernando Sor!  John Doan's historic recording is here!

5/3/08: New Harp Guitars for sale:  Rich Mermer Thinline Acoustic-Electric, and a Lark in the Morning

4/22/08: Added a Standard Dyer sub-bass string set

3/3/08: Harp Guitars for sale:  A very rare and wonderful 1890s Bohmann and a new Lark in the Morning at a special low price!

1/27/08: Modern "Contra-guitar" for steel strings by Benoît Meulle-Stef!

1/7/08: New CD from Stephen Bennett with his brother Jim!

11/28/07: Harp Guitar Gathering 5 Embroidered Denim Shirts in!

11/26/07: Exclusive Miniature Dyer Harp Guitar Ornament in stock!

11/20/07: New Harp Guitar Music Release!  Andy Wahlberg: Sun Moon Star Sky
               Also announcing the debut recording of Jeff Titus:
Wood Dragon

               Plus new HGM Gift Certificates, Harp Guitar Gathering apparel, bumper sticker, and Harp Guitar Music jacket

11/17/07: Harwood Harp Guitar eBay auction added, closes on Nov 24th!

11/16/07: Harp Guitar Music gig bags and flight cases are here!

11/14/07: Harp Guitars Just In!

David Newton harp mandolin, Dyer harp mandolin, ready-to-go pro Knutsen Symphony harp guitar, Knutsen 3/4-scale Double-point

9/20/07: Harp Guitars Just In! 

Spectacular 2003 Milburn 20-string Concert Harp Guitar (Doan style) and c.1916 Dyer Style 6 player!

9/10/07: Pasquale Taraffo returns! 

We are proud to announce the new 2-CD set -  available in the U.S. only at Harp Guitar Music!

Plus new Tutor for the Bass-Guitar or Bass-lute added.

8/27/07: Harp Guitars Just In! 

Gorgeous quilted mahogany Duane Noble Sold, c.1920 Dyer Style 5 fixer-upper Sold, new Lark in the Morning HGs.

8/24/07: Sub-bass Strings Sets for the Gibson Harp Guitar Now Available!

8/4/07: For those interested in new or used instruments, a great new article on our sister site Harpguitars.net: Shopping for the Perfect Harp Guitar.
Souvenir Harp Guitar Exhibition Mug added.

7/14/07: Thomastik-Infeld "Vienna Sound" Kontragitarre Bass Strings now in stock!

4/18/07: Knutsen 18-string Harp Guitar for sale! Sold
             Harwood parlor harp guitar listed on eBay.

4/10/07: John Doan sub-bass string set now available!
             Additional long-length, silver-wound basses also - in both tie-on and ball ends!
             Price reduced on spectacular rare Gibson harp guitar.

3/30/07: Padovec book now in stock (limited quantities)

3/24/07:   Lark in the Morning harp guitars now available. Currently taking orders for Fall, 2007 

3/1/07:   Sub-bass Strings are here!
              Downloadable Stephen Bennett Tablature is here!
              Museum Exhibit Poster added.
              New Larson Brothers book is out!
              New Ivan Padovec book available in the U.S. through HGM

1/12/07: Three new instrument listings added!

12/21/06: New issue of Guitarmaker magazine with harp guitar article added.

11/27/06: New Christmas CD from Muriel Anderson in stock!

               Knutsen Harp Guitar placed in eBay auction to close Dec. 5th.

11/13/06: New instrument added! David Newton Dancing Star Harp Mandolin

11/5/06: Newtone custom sub-bass strings now available!

9/7/06: Phil deGruy's Hello Dali is now in stock!
            Original 78 rpm records that include harp guitar have been added to Vintage Recordings.
            Quantity Discounts added to Order page.
            International Shipping rate chart added to Order page.

8/29/06: Beyond Six Strings reviewed at www.minor7th.com

8/25/06: Everything!  The site goes live today.  Click here to see who and what we are....

Be sure to check out our first, brand new releases!

CDs & DVDs by Stephen Bennett, John Doan, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee, Stacy Hobbs, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, James Kline, Larry Berwald, Bill Dutcher, Gregg Miner, Pasquale Taraffo
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